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Author Topic: ICCVAM Peer Panel Report on BG1 Luc ER TA Test Method  (Read 4286 times)
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« on: August 15, 2011, 07:23:52 pm »

NICEATM just released an amended version of the report, “Independent Scientific Peer Review Panel Report Evaluation of the LUMI-CELL® ER (BG1Luc ER TA) Test Method,” which contains corrections to the Executive Summary, the Overview (page 1), and the Appendix B Biosketches. The corrected report can be downloaded from this page:

The Panel concluded that the BG1 Luc ER TA test method produces similar results to the CERI STTA which is already part of the EPA’s Tier I screening battery, but that the BG1 method has several advantages.

Preliminary data also suggested the BG1 assay provides similar results to the rat uterine cytosol (RUC) ER binding assay, so additional analysis of existing data was recommended. Sections II.5f, II.9a, and III.3 of the report identify opportunities for further investigations to possibly expand the validation status of the BG1 method and/or other in vitro methods for the assessment of endocrine active chemicals.

Late last year the EPA Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program went ahead and ordered data collection on a second list of chemicals using its existing Tier I battery ( The inclusion of the BG1 test method into the Tier I battery, before all of this testing is completed, would be extremely useful in further assessing how the BG1 method compares to other methods in the existing test battery. While this would initially increase testing costs, it could result in a greater cost reduction for future testing as well as a better testing strategy.
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