Non-animal Methods for Toxicity Testing

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Author Topic: Welcome to the AltTox Forum!  (Read 11054 times)
Martin Stephens
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Welcome to the AltTox Forum!

Interested in advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing?  Then consider the AltTox Forum to be YOUR opportunity to bring relevant perspectives, research findings, announcements, news, etc., to the attention of other stakeholders with similar interests.  We welcome postings related to in vitro testing, computational toxicology, and integrated testing strategies.   We cover relevant scientific, technical, and policy developments.    

The process for posting a message is straightforward.  All that we ask is that you first register (a one-time process) and then log into the AltTox Forum (this too can be a one-time process if you choose to log-in "forever").  Click on the "Forum Tips" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the AltTox Forum pages if you need guidance or run into a snag.  

Itís easy to keep up with new postings in the AltTox Forum.  Registered users can click on "Alerts" to be notified via email when a new topic is posted, or "All Alerts" to be notified when a new topic or reply is posted.  Also, if you're only interested in a particular topic/message thread and want to be alerted when replies are posted to it, go to that topic/thread and click "Alerts".

Please help keep fellow members of the AltTox community informed of relevant developments by posting messages in the AltTox Forum!

Best wishes,

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