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Author Topic: The AltTox Forum has moved to the AltTox Community Blog (*update)  (Read 1164 times)
Marilyn Matevia
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« on: February 18, 2015, 01:19:09 am »

As part of the AltTox website redesign, the AltTox Forum has moved and evolved into the AltTox Community Blog (  We have transferred all Forum posts made since AltTox’s re-launch in August and republished them on the blog page (, and new posts are published weekly.

There are now two ways to post to the Community Blog:

•   If you would like ongoing access to post directly to the blog, please request a new log-in ID ( We will email sign-up and posting instructions to you.  Or...

•   To submit occasional notices or comments, simply email the information to us at, and we will post it on the blog. We will credit you, the sender, as the contributor of the information, unless you tell us otherwise.

Additionally, we are introducing an AltTox listserv. The listserv will forward new items from the Community Blog, and other information deemed relevant to the AltTox Community.  To subscribe, send an email to, with the word "subscribe" on the subject line, OR visit and sign-up directly.*  You will have the option to specify whether you prefer to receive announcements as they are posted, or in a daily or
weekly “digest” form.

The Forum will remain as a historical archive at this URL (;board=21.0), but it will be closed to new postings.  (The archive link will always be available on the Community Blog page, as well.)

We look forward to your ongoing participation in the AltTox Community Blog.  Your contributions make it a premier source of event notices, requests for comments, grant sources and deadlines, job listings, and other information of value to the AltTox Community.

*In an earlier version of this post, I said we would transfer the existing Forum subscribers to the listserv, but our host informs us that individuals must subscribe themselves.
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